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Cantu Shea Butter Curl Stretcher Cream Rinse

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Save time and make your curls more manageable with the Cantu Curl Stretcher pre-styling cream.

Humidity-resistant, the Cantu Shea Butter Curl Stretcher Cream for natural hair stretches your strands for easy air-dry or blow-dry styles.It’s specially formulated to temporarily loosen your naturally curly texture to add manageability and save time.

Whether the end result is curly, wavy or straight, the Cantu Curl Stretcher Cream is a must-have product for your hair-styling routine. Formulated to minimise hair shrinkage, you can count on Cantu to take care of your hair.

Blended with shea butter and honey, this cream is nourishing and works to remove impurities from your scalp and roots, for a fresh, clean feeling every time. It also comes with a lovely fragrance that lasts.

Direction To Use :

Simply apply to damp hair, leave to soak for 5 minutes and rinse with cool water.

What does Cantu Curl Stretcher do?

Cantu Curl Stretcher is a pre-styling cream that helps minimise hair shrinkage by elongating strands for easy air-dry or blow-dry styles. It works by loosening the texture of your hair temporarily so you can manage and style how you want. It also repairs and protects your hair by locking in moisture.

Can you leave Cantu curl stretcher in your hair?

No. The Cantu curl stretcher is designed to be rinsed out rather than left in your hair