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Fair And White

Fair And White Gold Ultimate 2 Unifier Even Tone Specialized Cream Gel/30ml

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Now dark knees or elbows won’t be a problem anymore. Wear that short dress with confidence because Fair & White Gold Even Tone Specialized Cream Gel is here to make your elbows and knees match your body complexion.


Compared to face, Knees, elbows, knuckles, and feet are more difficult to lighten. Fair & White Gold Even Tone Specialized Cream Gel is made specifically to lighten these stubborn areas. fair and white gold gel target these areas to brighten them. It reduces the appearance of dark spots and works to even skin tone. The antioxidants present in cream will effectively lighten dark areas and is a perfect solution for skin softening.


Key features

  • Lighten dark areas
  • Contains skin brightening elements 
  • Soften skin
  • Even out textures