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Henna - Si

Henna - Si Signature Silk Elixir Of Oils

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Henna-Si Signature Silk Elixir Of Oils 6 oz

Infused with Henna, Jaborandi, Jojoba, Coconut and Avocado extract.

A divine combination of essential oils for incredibly nourished, shiny and healthy hair.

The ultimate in oil combinations, this elixir of oils contains soybean, sweat almond, coconut, avocado, jojoba seed, safflower seed, wheat germ and sunflower oil. In addition for that added nourishment, these oils have been infused with monoi, henna, jaborandi and vitamin e. This product can be used to both to nourish, condition and protect the scalp and hair from free radicals, heat damage and moisture length whilst promoting healthy hair strengthening and growth.