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Miracle Maxitone

Miracle Maxitone Clarifying Complexion Fading Soap 7oz/200g

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Properties: this mild soap not only cleanses the skin, but it also eliminates undesired impurities and rubs dead cells on the superficial layers of the epiderm. The resuit is rapidly remarkable as the skin becomes clear, fresh and smooth. USE: Daily use in the morning and /or in the evening on your face and body. Ingredients : sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate, water aqua, fragrance parfum, glycerin, sodium chloride, polyethylene, sodium chloride, polyethylene , sodium hydroxide, tetrasodium editronate, titanium dioxide, o-toly biguanide, blue no. Package Included: 1pc x Miracle Maxitone Clarifying Complexion Fading Soap (200 g)