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SoftSheen.Carson Wave Nouveau Coiffure Phase 1 Shape Release Conditioning Cold Wave For Fine/Color-Treated Hair /400g

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SoftSheen Carson Wave Nouveau Coiffure Phase 1 Shape Release conditioning cold wave is for different hair types.This product is for professional use only.
 1A. Perform a preliminary strand test. If hair breaks or discolors, do not straighten.
1B. Shampoo hair if necessary with gentle cleansing shampoo. Rinse and towel dry to remove excess moisture.
 Apply WAVE NOUVEAU coiffure. Phase 1 SHAPE RELEASE to entire hair shaft 1/4 inch from scalp within 5-10 minutes. Apply ONLY TO NEW GROWTH if giving a retouch. Immediately after completing applications, check for desired amount of straightness.
 WAVE NOUVEAU coiffure Normal/Medium strength SHAPE RELEASE is designed for NORMAL/MEDIUM HAIR ONLY. Do not leave on the hair longer than 15 minutes (this includes application time).Be sure to continue to check for straightness every 2-3 minutes after applications has been completed. DO NOT USE A HAIR DRYER.
 When hair has achieved desired straightness, rinse SHAPE RELEASE thoroughly from hair with tepid water, makin gcertain to remove ALL traces.